The Series Anime “Rick And Morty” Overcame Both “Game of Thrones” And “Walking Dead”!

The adult animation series “Rick and Morty” was honored to become the “deadliest” series of movies currently streaming. According to BuzzBingo, sci-fi animation, Rick and Morty have become the deadliest series with more “characters” in each episode than The Walking Dead. On average, each episode of Rick and Morty saw 26.1 deaths while Westworld’s figure – a well-known series of bloody levels – was 25.9 while The Walking Dead was 23.1.

The Series Anime "Rick And Morty" Overcame Both "Game of Thrones" And "Walking Dead"!

Another horror series, American Horror Story, only “kills” an average of 5.8 people per episode. This is only a temporary figure because although only 3 seasons have been shown, the number of characters that the duo Rick and Morty is terrible is to remember the massacres of … universe or planet created by these two grandchildren. If you calculate carefully, you don’t know how to count, when there are episodes where the genius grandfather hates Rick and his grandson participate in a collective “The Purge” purge on a parallel universe. Compared to the most current death show like Game of Thrones, it is clear that the King’s War still has … no door.

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty are not the usual animated series but an adult animation series (adult animation) 18+ with scenes of violence and vulgar language. But it was this madness, along with a thrilling content and a “ruin of childhood” message that made the adventures of Rick and Morty one of the most successful animated series.

The Series Anime "Rick And Morty" Overcame Both "Game of Thrones" And "Walking Dead"!

After a long silence, the producer of Rick and Morty promised that the series would return to full … 70 episodes but did not make it clear when we could see it. Three parts of Rick and Morty’s film are currently shown on Adult Swim.

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