The Most Unusual Rick And Morty Fan Hypotheses

Grown-up Swim’s hit energized series Rick and Morty is stuffed with science fiction realities and complex material science past most watchers’ claims to fame. Obviously, this has made the show one of the twistiest and time-bendiest on TV—and cultivated hundreds (or possibly a large number of) thoughts regarding the show’s supposed privileged insights, some far more bizarre than others. Clutch your cerebrum pails and attempt to stay aware of these truly bizarre Rick and Morty fan hypotheses.

Our Morty isn’t the genuine one

How about we start off by turning your entire world over and saying that the Morty Smith you’ve been looking for as long as barely any scenes isn’t the Morty you begun with. This thought is a piece of a bigger Rick and Morty thought known as the Master Theory, made by Reddit client Rickest_Rick, however certain complexities have been talked about by Tumblr client sneakyfeets, who proposes that Rick’s unique Morty got caught inside one universe—a misfortune seen during the initial credits of every scene, when Morty falls over and is nearly eaten by monster frog animals. Deserted for dead, this Morty develops to disdain Rick and organizes the occasions found in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” so as to bring down all Ricks in all universes.

What’s more, we witness precisely that in the season three scene “The Ricklantis Mixup,” in which the alleged Politician Morty races to become President of the Citadel. Legislator Morty is about as sweet as a bowl of peaches, promising harmony among Ricks and Mortys. That is, until he gets chose and becomes President Morty. Wiped out with power, President Morty kills various individuals from the Shadow Council of Ricks, and in a moderate movement arrangement of authoritative archives and skimming bodies, it’s uncovered that he is as a matter of fact Evil Morty—a similar one an off-shoot of this hypothesis proposes our unique Morty became after he was surrendered.

Our Rick isn’t the real one

Past our Morty not being good ‘ol fashioned, our Rick may be an other too. One fan speculates that Rick ended it all when Beth was a kid, clarifying why he was “absent” from her life for a long time. The Rick watchers know would have been existing simultaneously in an alternate measurement, still alive yet isolated from Beth and his ex. Tragically, this Rick seriously flubbed up his course of events and required a fast cure. Finding a universe in which a rendition of himself was dead, which would permit him an out from his messed up timetable, our Rick bounced into that course of events—the one found in the arrangement—discarded the other Rick’s cadaver, and returned Beth’s life.

The universe switch

It’s an ideal opportunity to unload the Rick and Morty theory known as “The Ticket Theory.” Created by YouTube client The Save Point Guild, this hypothesis interfaces the scenes “Mortynight Run” and “Complete Rickall” to propose that the last scene is going on in a universe that isn’t the one our standard Rick and Morty work in.

As indicated by the hypothesis, the universe trade happened when Rick and Morty got Jerry from the Jerryboree. The “center” Rick expresses, “There’s our Jerry.” Before they can leave, another Rick and Morty come in; that Rick asks, “Hello pause, do you have 5126?” Morty is indicated holding a Blips and Chitz ticket, not a Jerry recover ticket. Indifferent as could be, the two Ricks shrug and consent to switch Jerrys. The stunner here is that the ticket Rick and Morty are given toward the start of “Mortynight Run” is numbered 5126, yet they brought home an alternate Jerry. How else would you clarify the appearance of Mr. Poopybutthole a couple of scenes later, who’s treated like he’s been there from the beginning… in any event most definitely?


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