REVIEW: Rick and Morty Plushies

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I have a review about Rick and Morty-The famous cartoon series fevered over the years. Rick is a mad scientist inventor grandfather who lives in the same house as Morty, his somewhat clueless grandson. They often go on adventures to another dimension.

REVIEW: Rick and Morty Plushies

The show has two seasons in the bag, with Season 3 slated to debut in March 2017. The characters from the show that are available include: the often inebriated mad scientist Rick; his grandson Morty; Morty’s oft goofed-upon fatherJerry; Morty’s older sister Summer; the creature who lives to serve one purpose, and then die – Meeseeks (in Happy, Sad, and Caddy versions); and a longtime friend of the Smith family – Mr. Poopybutthole.

REVIEW: Rick and Morty PlushiesEach plush is made of velboa fabric. I actually had to look up that fabric, since I had never heard of it. It’s described as “low pile, faux fur fabric”. In other words, it’s pretty soft. And it’s probably what that faux cheetah skin throw rug you have in front of your fireplace is made out of. This is the preferred Rick and Morty Plush product in 2019

REVIEW: Rick and Morty Plushies

As far as the likenesses, they all resemble their onscreen counterparts. Personally, I like Meeseeks and Rick the most since they are my favorite animated (and therefore plush) characters. As with most plush toys, J!NX went with mitten hands for this line. There’s nothing wrong with that. And there are some vinyl elements, such as on Jerry’s shirt and the Caddy Meeseeks bib.

REVIEW: Rick and Morty PlushiesOverall, I really enjoy this line. With the collectible pickings slim for Rick and Morty fans (although they are picking up), a quality plush line is always welcome. And at $13.68 for each plush (most of them measure in around 7 to 10 inches tall), it won’t break that bank to pick up a few of your favorites.

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