Review: Rick And Morty Merchandise Unboxing

All rates include a t-shirt; you select your size when you order your subscription.

This is a high-quality solid transport box. These boxes are decorated inside and the property can be converted into a monthly theme, so it will be interesting to see what the punches are for.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

OMG, I see Rick and Morty!

But first, the monthly Rick And Morty t-shirt.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

 You can see the van model with symbolic features, four turtle guys, plus harmonious appearance with cool turtle shell motifs. I’m happy this shirt is 100% cotton! The previous models have an ideal appearance but are a blend of cotton and polyester. I can bear the bear of Polyc Bong. Besides, I can actually wear this type (like a line of nightgowns, it’s very big) and doesn’t sweat.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

Do you own a fan of Bob Burger Burger? I have heard about the series but have not actually seen it. It’s not on Netflix or Amazon and it’s my TV locations. In addition, I love slaughtered sandwiches, so the Formula Cards in the Bob Cook Burgers Cook Book is ideal. carries 25 separate cards, and comes in a modeled box that looks like a restaurant.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION UnboxingReview: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

The pictures on the reverse side of each card are also really cool.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

Of course, the excellent cushion for your burger is beer! And you can insist that your cold people still own these Futurama Slurm Koozies dogs. Ideal for keeping your canned or bottled drinks selectively cold. (not including beer.) Actually, I have consumed a right now when I type.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing


While you can get koozies in the UK, I associate them much more with the USA. This is a pretty cool (geddit?) fun novelty, especially for those Brits who might not be so familiar with them.

Now, this next thing is my favorite item.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

I love love LOVE Rick and Morty, and I’m thrilled to have something from the series.

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing


This is an awesome figurine of Rick giving his iconic ‘Peace among worlds’ salute from Season 2. Discover the latest products right now: Rick and Morty Action Figures

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

Review: LootCrate : ANIMATION Unboxing

What an awesome figure! Great detailing too. The base is the same shape is the ramp of his spaceship.

That being mentioned, The included figure is perfect, so I’m basically happy. I wish it wasn’t too heavy to beg Bob Burg Burgers, simply because this series of games doesn’t resonate with me. Card formulas, batteries, boxes AND. Not including the burger. I love slaughter sandwiches. And I like to cook, so I can definitely use these cards, as well as enjoy the appearance. I love koozies because both are fun and practical. I am truly High in things that I can use. Oh, and apparently Loot Crate noted my disapproval with a polyc Bong shirt. I hope they stick with 100% cotton, because it’s SO SO more beautiful and diverse. This is a great topic in general. I very much accept this month’s box.

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