One Thing Is Still Missing In Season 4

Rick and Morty season 4’s first five episodes have been somewhat shaky – just like Jerry’s confidence or Rick’s emotional wellbeing.

After an exceptionally strong start with the anime-themed horrors of episode one, subsequent stories have mostly sidelined character development and smart plotting in favor of goofy and sometimes just plain infantile humor.

The Talking Cat was great and all, but not even his obsessive fan trolling could quite make up for that whole ‘Slut Dragon’ mess in episode four.

Even with that flat tyre, ‘Rattlestar Ricklactica’ still managed to right the ship in part with a genius riff on time travel and why the show actively avoided this trope until now.

There are too many highlights to cover here, but Snake Hitler deserves a shout-out, as does the Snake Jazz song Summer dances to with her friends.

Unfortunately, this brief yet hilarious interlude highlighted a bigger problem with season four, and much like Snake Jazz itself, that issue has slinked its way into our brain and refuses to leave.

Namely, when did the show stop caring about its female characters?

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